Dr Louven Menzies 


Dr Louven Menzies

Areas of Specialisation
Along with providing anaesthesia for the majority of adult operations, Dr Menzies specialises in obstetric and ophthalmological anaesthesia. He also has strong interests in regional anaesthesia, opioid sparing anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, and simulation & education. 

Professional Experience

Dr Menzies completed his Bachelor of Medicine in 2010 at the University of Queensland, and commenced his residency at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital in 2011. His anaesthetic training was undertaken across a number of hospitals across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Louven’s fellowship was completed at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital in 2021, specialising in perioperative medicine and simulation & education.

Louven is currently working publicly at Redcliffe Hospital and STARS Hospital, and beginning his private practice in several hospitals around Brisbane, including Greenslopes Private Hospital and North West Private Hospital.

Louven strives to be approachable and friendly, and has a strong focus on being kind, caring and compassionate in listening to his patient’s concerns and experiences. He does his best to demystify medical jargon to make sure his patients understand their procedures and options.

Other Interests

When not busy working, Louven has a wide variety of interests including woodworking, gardening, motorbike riding, martial arts, and spending time with his dogs.