Starting Out in Private Practice

Starting in private practice is a significant step and having the right support can really make a difference.

At Independent Specialists Management, we reduce the pressure on you by handling the administrative load. 

There are many steps to consider before being able to undertake your first private list. Here are just some of the tasks that require completion:

  • Registering with Medicare and obtaining provider number(s)
  • Obtaining credentialing with hospital(s)
  • Arranging patient administration software
  • Setting billing rates, fixed gaps vs unit rates, no-gap billing
  • Registering with health funds
  • Establishing patient payment methods for BPAY and card payments

Ongoing, you will want a team you can rely on year-round to manage:

  • Hospital list bookings
  • Quoting fees for patients
  • Patient enquiries
  • Invoicing and collecting fees from patients, health funds, WorkCover and other third parties

After a meeting with our team, you will walk away knowing that your patient administration is in safe hands and you can focus on your patients – just as it should be. 

Our team can usually have the commencement administration completed within two weeks. If you have an upcoming private list and need to get set up more quickly, talk to us so we can guide you through the options. 

For more information, please contact Robert Westmoreland (General Manager) on 3847 4255.